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Student, athlete and entrepreneur broadens horizions at UM

Rising senior and business owner also runs cross country for Miami

By: Rory Lincoln // Contributing Sports Writer

Issue date: 7/8/08 Section: Sports
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Seven years ago, junior Ryan Woodlee started running to stay in shape. At the time, Woodlee was a three-sport athlete in basketball, cross-country and track, at his high school in Washington, D.C. Now a collegiate athlete at the University of Miami, Woodlee not only runs cross-country and track, but he also has his own auto detailing company, and he worked a full-time internship over the summer.

"It's a lot on my plate, but it's fun for me," Woodlee said. "It's not something I don't like to do."

Just like many of the students at UM, Woodlee said that the weather had a lot to do with his decision to come here. However, that wasn't his only incentive.

"I liked the team, team chemistry and coach [Mike] Ward showed me how to be comfortable in college, with running and academics," Woodlee said. "I felt like it was a place where I could grow."

Woodlee explained that in his three years at UM, he has learned that training for both cross-country and track is more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

"He's a hard worker," Ward said. "He's had his ups and downs here, but most of the time, when he's had the ups, he's been working really hard doing the things he needs to do."

Woodlee, a business management major, said he doesn't feel that his six-year business, Magic Cars, has interfered with his running.

"He's got some things going for him that most of the students I come in contact with don't have," Ward said. "He's a go-getter."

Despite his busy schedule, Woodlee finds time to excel in school, run his business and do things he enjoys doing, such as running track and cross-country. While track is just as demanding, Woodlee said that he enjoys cross-country more because of its highly competitive nature.

"It really involves a lot more heart and not a lot of technique at all," said Woodlee, one of the cross-country teams' top runners. "When you finish and do well, it's gratifying knowing that you can finish a whole course and know that you trained hard for it."

Rory Lincoln may be contacted at r.licoln@umiami.edu.
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