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Changes to campus food to emphasize natural, healthy options

Market to replace Storm Surge, C-Store in fall '08

By: Natalie Riera // Contributing News Writer

Issue date: 7/8/08 Section: News
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During their breaks between classes, students may often be found grabbing a quick snack at the C-Store or playing a game of pool with friends at the Storm Surge Café.

But that will soon change.

In the summer of 2008, both the C-Store and Storm Surge Cafe will be closing their doors forever. The existing Storm Surge will be remodeled and replaced with a new convenience store, the Whole U Market, which is currently scheduled to open in fall of 2008. It is still unknown as to what will happen to the space that the current C-Store is occupying.

Administrators said these changes are coming about as a result of the need to further improve the C-Store and its offerings to students, as well as accommodate the increasing residential population at the university.

"The changing characteristics of the student body demand for the Whole U Market, which is healthier, cleaner and is environmentally concerned," said Alan Fish, the vice president of business services. "The overall concept of the university is to get better and improve, to make campus life more enjoyable and to have happier students."

University officials also said that the existing C-Store has outgrown its current space.

"We have decided to move it to much larger quarters," said Mel Tenen, the assistant vice president of auxiliary services. "By doing so, we will be able to enhance products to students."

"Things we didn't have space for will be offered [at the Whole U Market]," he continued.

Tenen said he could not discuss specific project costs.

While the new store will offer many of the same products that the C-Store currently sells, the Whole U Market will take a much more organic approach to its products.

Tenen said that the C-Store has been testing a line of healthy and natural products during the last few months that have proven successful in sales. ?"The increased space will enable us to offer a wide variety of healthy, organic products," he said.

In addition to these products, such as cereals, canned soups and health and beauty supplies, the new store will also sell a wide selection of fresh produce.

Also featured will be a full service kosher deli that will offer hot, cold and combo sandwiches, as well as side dishes and desserts.

The new venue will be open until 4 a.m. everyday, whereas the C-Store is currently only open until that hour on Friday and Saturday.

While students have claimed that they are upset by the fact that the Storm Surge is closing, many seem content with the new changes that will take place with respect to the market.

"I feel that this is better for business, as it will broaden horizons for different people," Michael Morton, a UM alumnus, said. "However, I will still be sad to see the C-Store and Storm Surge go."

Meghan Kanodia, a junior, is also content with the changes.

"I think it's a good idea because the closest grocery store is pretty far and a lot of stuff the C-Store is selling is 'snacky,' so it will be good to have fresh food available on campus," she said.

Others such as Kaili Sullivan, a junior, are still somewhat concerned about the Storm Surge, but also found a positive aspect of the upcoming changes.

"I'm surprised and I think that the Storm Surge is better and maybe the students won't receive [the market] as well, especially the older students," she said. "But at the same time, there is no place where you can go to get fruit on campus, unless you go to Jamba Juice... and that's in liquid."

Despite any concerns students may have, the university is looking forward to the changes.

"Whole U Market will be a very upscale shopping experience," Tenen said. "It will be one of the most premiere convenience stores of any college in the country."

Natalie Riera may be contacted at n.riera@umiami.edu.
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