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Center aims to improve the community's health and wellness

School of Nursing focusing on the health of Hispanics


Issue date: 7/8/08 Section: News
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School of Nursing El Centro Hispanic Health Disparities Scholars Breakfast.
Media Credit: Courtesy of Marina Alvarez
School of Nursing El Centro Hispanic Health Disparities Scholars Breakfast.

The University of Miami's El Centro, founded in September 2007, is an institution that focuses on developing strategies to improve the health of Hispanics.

The institution evaluates many compromising health and living conditions, including sexually transmitted diseases, co-occurring mental health conditions, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and family and partner violence.

By working to advance scientific theory and acquiring knowledge about health crises that affect the Hispanic population, El Centro hopes to use their research to develop interventions specifically for Hispanics, provide research training for new generations and introduce new treatment options.

Research jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities are available to students who want to be involved in El Centro.

This fall, the institution is expected to offer a small course for honors undergraduate students.

Victoria Behar Mitrani, a professor in the School of Nursing and Health Studies, called it "a research practical course."

Class work will include seminars and hands-on training.

El Centro, sponsored by the National Institute of Health, archives its research findings on E-Velos, a Web-based entry system, said Mitrani, who added that she hopes to reach out to students for help, in reaching the goals of the institution.

"We need every type of student that could bring new ideas and knowledge to this important research," Mitrani said.

El Centro is located at UM's M. Christine Schwartz Center for Nursing and Health Studies.

To learn more about El Centro, visit elcentro.sonhs.miami.edu.

Veronica Tronocis may be contacted at v.tronocis@miami.edu.
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