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All you need to know about the dining hall

Changes in dining plans, food options to impact patrons

By: Valerie Reyes // Contributing News Writer

Issue date: 7/8/08 Section: News
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For many, college represents a significant turning point in life. It is a time where kids become responsible adults, and that means no curfew, no asking permission to do things, and - unfortunately - no more home-cooked meals from mom and dad. Luckily, the University of Miami is equipped with dining facilities to accommodate every hungry student's needs.

Each student living on campus is required to enroll in a 20, 14, 8, or the newly added "Kosher Eight" meal plan. Freshman can choose from all except the 8-meal plan. Though it's the most expensive, most first year students tend to enroll in the 20-meal plan because it offers the most meals and is the most convenient.

Stanford/Hecht and Mahoney/Pearson are the two dining halls on campus. Both serve the same food but differ in that Stanford/Hecht is geared toward first-year students while sophomores, juniors, and seniors tend to eat at Mahoney/Pearson. All undergraduate University of Miami students living on campus can dine at either however.

Upon entrance a student must present his or her Cane Card. Dining halls offer everything from vegetarian options to tacos on themed days.

Assistant VP of Auxiliary Services Mel Tenen, says the university and Chartwells work together to provide variety and quality. "Our cooked-to-order food options include stir-fry, vegetarian, and deli sandwiches," Tenen said.

Freshman Carl Gardener loves the abundance of fruit the dining hall offers. He also enjoys the omelets.

"I try to get an omelet every morning and the biscuits are really good too," Gardener said. Though Gardener admits that he misses home-cooked food, he feels the dining hall is a fine substitute.

"Overall, I think they do a good job. The food here is much better than in other college dining halls that I have been to," Gardener said.

Hannah King, who is enrolled in the 14-meal plan, takes full advantage of the "Origins" section which is known for home-style foods.

"It is like home sometimes when they serve macaroni and cheese and fried chicken," King said.

In the fall students can expect to find a new section to the dining halls.

"The new 'bistro' concept will serve sizzling salads along with other healthy choices," Tenen said.

This new section will replace "trattoria," and, according to Tenen, will offer greater variety. "We are constantly striving to improve our dining program to make it among the best in the country."

Valerie Reyes may be contacted at v.reyes1@umiami.edu.
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