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Your guide to party like a star…Miami Style

Know the hot spots around town

By: Carla Kerstens // Contributing InSight Writer

Issue date: 7/8/08 Section: Insight
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Nightlife is an essential part of living in Miami, and choosing the right nightclubs for your weekends doesn't seem like a Herculean task, but it is when Miami is the city you'll be hopping around.

Venues range from the ultra chic to the ultra quirky, so personal tastes - and budget - will guide your way into the Magic City's nightlife. Words of wisdom from a local: Dress to impress, get there early, and try to be on the guest list. Nothing can ruin your night like standing in a sweaty line for half an hour waiting to get in, while wearing 4-inch stilettos.

Nevertheless, big rewards come to those who wait (or know someone at the door). Once you pass the gatekeeper get ready for the best DJ's, entertainment, and pulsating energy that make this hot city one of the biggest party centrals worldwide.

South Beach

Cameo: This former theater has been turned into one of the hottest clubs on the Miami scene. A dark and edgy disco vibe characterizes this spacious and trendy spot, conceived by famous nightclub designer Cal Fortis. Playing a mix of House and International music with a state of the art sound, video and lighting system, Cameo delivers a night full of hot entertainers, a sexy ambiance and an A-list crowd.

4 21+ to party/ Cover charge: $20 and over, varies.

4 1445 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, 33139. Ph: (305) 532 2667.

Mansion: This upscale venue belongs to the Opium group (owners of Opium Gardens and Prive). Like Cameo, Mansion is a remodeled theater which infuses the place with sophistication and glamour. Frequented by celebrities and many of Miami's beautiful people, the 40,000 square foot club features several party rooms, with the best international DJ's mixing House and Hip-Hop.

4 21+ to party/Cover charge: $20 and over, varies.

4 1235 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, 33139. Ph: (305) 531 5535.

Coconut Grove

Flavour: Besides having UM's official athletics page as one of the links on their Web site, Flavour really offers great perks to University of Miami students. It is one of the few clubs around open to an 18 and over crowd. With a classy vibe, this Grove venue has the proximity factor on its side. Their motto is "All the excitement of South Beach without the drive, the line or the attitude." The low cover charge, reasonably priced bottle service, great local DJ's, live music and versatility of the events definitely make this a Flavour worth tasting.

4 18+ to party/Cover charge $10, varies.

4 2895 McFarlane Road. Coconut Grove, 33133. Ph:(305) 445 6511

Downtown Miami

The Pawn Shop: To describe the style and design of this multi-room venue is near impossible. The best word: quirky. Dollhouse meets Americana chic meets Jamaican club meets pinup joint. A lot of ideas transpired conceptualizing this top Miami club, making it one of the hottest-and least pretentious of the nightclubs around. After Karu & Y Lounge recently closed its doors, the best choice in the area is The Pawn Shop, offering mixed and open music format, and tons of nostalgic pop to make any night interesting.

4 21+ to party/Cover Charge $20 most nights, varies.

4 1222 NE 2nd Ave. Downtown Miami 33132. Ph: (305) 373 3511

Space: This is THE place for any after-party. Remaining open often until 3pm, Space is the place for those who like to party long and hard. It features 3 large rooms mainly dedicated to the latest House and Techno, a room offering Hip-Hop, Latin and International mixes, and an outdoor terrace which opens at 6 am until whenever the party ends. Disclaimer: be aware of the ultra-stoned partygoers and their antics. Go to Space with a group of friends and watch out for each other…it can get crazy in the morning hours.

4 21+ to party/ Cover charge $20 most nights, except for special events.

4 34 NE 11th Street. Downtown Miami 33132. Ph: (305) 375 0001

Carla Kerstens may be reached at c.kerstens@umiami.edu.
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