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The 'Lowe' down: All about UM's art museum

Exhibitions, events held at newly-renovated location

By: Pravin Patel // Contributing InSight Writer

Issue date: 7/8/08 Section: Insight
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Founded in 1950, the Lowe Art Museum has served the University of Miami and its surrounding communities as a home for the preservation of American and international art.

What began as a small endeavor has quickly turned into one of the finer artistic institutions in Florida and the southeast. Starting out in three classrooms in 1950, the Lowe Art Museum soon became its own free-standing facility in 1952 - the first art museum in South Florida.

In 1972, the Lowe became Florida's first university art museum to receive accreditation from the American Association of Museum. It was reaccredited in 1987 and 2000. In 1987, the museum was honored as a "Major Cultural Institution" by the State of Florida.

The museum features a 16,000 piece collection of art and antiques from all over the world, spanning over 5,000 years. The museum houses Greco-Roman antiquities, Renaissance and Baroque art, 17th-19th century European art, 19th century Central American art, art of the Ancient Americas, modern and contemporary art, art from Asia, art from Africa, art of Native America, art from the Pacific Islands, art from Latin America and various artistic photography.

Besides these permanent staples, the museum also opens its doors to a number of traveling and temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions include the works of various male and female artists and art from different genres, countries and time periods. In the past, the museum has hosted exhibitions such as "Gattorno: A Cuban Painter for the World," "Jan Matulka: The Global Modernist," "Engaging the Camera: African Women," "Portraits and the Photographs of Hector Acebes," "Richard Jolley: Sculptor of Glass" and numerous others. This summer and fall, the museum will be opening its doors to a temporary Egyptian exhibit, which will feature various antiques and photographs.

The museum also fosters the growth and development of up-and-coming student artists, with its University of Miami Students/Master of Fine Arts Exhibitions, featuring the juried works of talented young artists.

The Lowe Art Museum is conveniently located on Stanford Drive. The museum is open to students and outside visitors, and it is a great place for them to visit and explore, allowing them to experience the diverse and intriguing cultures of the world.

The museum is open everyday except Monday. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Thursday, the museum is open from noon to 7 p.m., and on Sunday, it is open from noon to 5 p.m. The admission fee is free for University of Miami students with a Cane Card. Adults may be admitted into the museum for $10.

Whether one is looking for a place to go and enjoy art, a unique cultural experience or simply to relax and unwind, the Lowe Art Museum is the perfect on-campus destination.

Pravin Patel may be contacted at p.patel7@umiami.edu.
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