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Ever wonder what life is like outside of the perennial campus "bubble?" Well, if you've got a car with four wheels that runs, your collegiate social life has just expanded into a whole new territory. Driving around the Sunshine State is always a good time, but having a car as a college student is without a doubt a luxury, even at one of the most luxurious schools. (0) comments

One of the perks of attending a university so close to a big city like Miami is the seemingly endless list of places to go and things to do. Two of the closest spots to UM are the Grove and Sunset Place. Both spots sport an AMC movie theater, restaurants, shops and countless nightlife options. (0) comments

Feel like soaking up a little sun while you're in the sunny haven of Miami? You've got your swimsuit, towel, football, grilling foods and drinks�now all you need is the right beach. Well ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the fight of the century: the Battle of the Beaches! In one corner, we have the quiet slice of paradise called Key Biscayne, and in the other corner we have the glitzy and glamorous South Beach. (0) comments

Miami International Film Festival returns to Magic City

Annual event celebrates its 25th anniversary

While the rest of the movie world had its eyes on Hollywood last February, film buffs in South Florida were planning the twenty-fifth annual Miami International Film Festival. The red carpet was rolled out at the elegant Gusman Center for Performing Arts in downtown Miami. (0) comments

A perfect balance of academic excellence, social events and a pristine location make the University of Miami not only unique, but also one of the most prestigious institutions in the nation. Every year, homecoming celebrates and honors this amazing institution. (0) comments

The Rat's Farewell Tour

Get the most out of the last semester

The Rat's Farewell Tour

The University of Miami is all about traditions. Keeping up with the old school feel of UM while creating the new is essential to being a new Cane, and going to the quarter-century old Rathskeller during its final semester is certainly a must. The Rathskeller, simply called the "Rat" by students and professors alike, has been a hub for good food and fun times for the last twenty-five years. (1) comment

Eclectic Beaux Arts festival draws many to UM campus

Turning a college campus into a bohemian wonderland

A boy walks toward a 7-foot sculpture of a rusted, Terminator-like eagle, surrounded by people in awe saying, "marvelous" and "I would buy that." He takes one look. "OK Dad," he says. "That is just ugly." This is one example of commentary heard from last year's 57th annual Beaux Arts Festival of Art. (0) comments

Getting the most dining bang for your buck

Where a college student can go for grub

Trying to avoid breaking the bank while getting a bite? Food expenses can be among the most costly on a student's budget if you don't plan for them. And ordering one too many pizzas at 3 a.m. is sure to run you penniless by the end of the semester. Here are some tips for eating out, as well as a list of affordable restaurants and good deals available in Miami. (0) comments

Your guide to party like a star�Miami Style

Know the hot spots around town

Nightlife is an essential part of living in Miami, and choosing the right nightclubs for your weekends doesn't seem like a Herculean task, but it is when Miami is the city you'll be hopping around. Venues range from the ultra chic to the ultra quirky, so personal tastes - and budget - will guide your way into the Magic City's nightlife. (0) comments

Brickell, called home by numerous University of Miami students, is quickly evolving into yet another alternative for nightlife in Miami. The latest development in the predominantly residential area is Mary Brickell Village, a structure that looks similar to CocoWalk in Coconut Grove. (0) comments

Anyone who lives in Miami knows by now how important it is to look good, and the consequences that come with not looking one's best. Miami is home to some of South Florida's most exclusive and trendy boutiques, as any bustling city under the sun should be. (0) comments

With your first year of college always comes a barrage of choices. From the mundane, like deciding what kind of bed sheets to purchase for your dorm, to choosing your perfect class schedule for the fall semester, the choices you make now will help set the tone for the next four years. (0) comments

UM grad sells shoes as art in South Beach

Started business out of car trunk

While most college seniors spend their final year applying to grad schools or going to job interviews, 2007 graduate Jason Fishbein had it all figured out. In his final two years at the University of Miami, the Baltimore native went from selling sneakers in the back of his Buick to becoming one of Miami's hottest entrepreneurs. (0) comments

The 'Lowe' down: All about UM's art museum

Exhibitions, events held at newly-renovated location

Founded in 1950, the Lowe Art Museum has served the University of Miami and its surrounding communities as a home for the preservation of American and international art. What began as a small endeavor has quickly turned into one of the finer artistic institutions in Florida and the southeast. (0) comments

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